Events for the Mother and Child Program for Doctors of the World

ProjectEvents for "Mother and Child" Programme
ClientDoctors of the World (MdM)
Year03/10/2017 and 29/03/2018

Debrief has undertaken the organization of two events for the “Doctors of the World-Greek Delegation” in the framework of “Mother and Child” Program. The events where about (a) Project Results presentation (October 3, 2017) and (b) Press a Conference (March 29, 2018).

The “Mother and Child” program is an intervention by the Doctors of the World (MD) in Greece implemented as part of the MSD for Mothers global action. The program is designed to provide healthcare to pregnant and newborns belonging to vulnerable population groups (uninsured, refugees, immigrants, minorities). At the same time, it provides free access to educational material on women’s health and family planning, health professionals and women.

Debrief provided Event Management Services and in particular Coordination Services for Speakers, Productions (Folder, Roll Ups, Backdrops, Leaflets and Brochures, Infographics, Invitation etc.), Secretariat, Photographic Coverage, Translation and Interpretation, etc.