Conferences and Workshops on behalf of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen

Debrief successfully completed the organization of 4 events (Conferences and Workshops) on behalf of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen as part of the following projects:

  • Action 4: “Networking of beneficiaries with companies – work fora” of the Act “Synergy for the Employment in the Municipality of Glyfada”,
  • Action 4 “Development of a networking program with other Development Partnerships and similar local initiatives abroad” and Action 6 “Programme of Networking among the beneficiaries and between beneficiaries and the local market” of the Act: “EMPLOYMENT STRENGTHENING AND SUSTAINABLE MICRO-ENTREPRENEURSHIP THROUGH INNOVATIVE GREEN ECONOMY ACTIVITIES IN ATHENS”
  • Action 14 “Networking of beneficiaries with companies – Career Days” of the project “WORK IN MY HOMELAND-GREEN JOBS”’ of the Development Partnership “DIMIOURGIA” DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP-CIVIC NON-PROFIT COMPANY

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